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Tasha Lopez

Software Account Manager


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B.S. - Chemical Engineering, UCLA

M.S. - Chemical Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno

Job Description 
Software Account Manager for IBM; responsible for working with a team of business partners and sales specialists across all brands of IBM Software to identify and close software opportunities that address the business problems facing her customers.

Interview Segment

"Sometimes it's more about the teacher than the subject.

This is a great question for me, because this class in high school helped me choose my college major. I went to high school in a poor area, so our school didn't have many interesting or exciting classes -- in many cases, the only choice was between "remedial" or "regular" in a given subject. The good news is that we had some excellent teachers, because they were there for us (the students) and not because it was a nice place to work.

I was fortunate to have a great chemistry teacher; even though he was a little geeky, he really tried to make chemistry fun and interactive. As a result of the interest he took in his students, and the effort he put forth to make the subject exciting, I enjoyed the class so I studied hard and did well in it. A few years later, when I needed to choose my major, I opted for chemical engineering (because the Associate Dean of Engineering convinced me that engineering was a good idea, and I chose Chemical Engineering due to my affinity for chemistry)."

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