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Dream it! Design it! Make it!

Whether you have a great idea for an invention, are looking for something to do with your family or friends on a rainy day, or just love to tinker, the maker movement can help you explore your interests in engineering, computing and technology. By combining engineering, art, and a dash of “can-do” spirit, maker activities can help you create something amazing, all by doing it yourself.

You don’t need fancy equipment or supplies to get involved in maker activities. You can create something cool using just items you can find around your home. Maker projects can be made from spare parts, recycled materials, or donations from your local hardware store.

For more high tech projects, a local maker space may be able to provide you with the necessary tools, materials and guidance. These spaces may have access to technology like 3D printers, robotics and more advanced electronics.

Never made anything from scratch before? No worries! The maker movement is all about learning as you go and troubleshooting problems along the way. It helps to have an adult such as a parent, teacher, or around for some coaching and support.

Maker activities can also be a great way to create things that solve problems in your local community. You can design a maker project to address issues with the environment, health, or helping those in need. Whatever your interests may be, there is a maker project for you.

Sound interesting? Here are some easy ways to get started on becoming a maker:

  • Find a cool project online to do at home
  • Find a maker space in your area
  • Locate an upcoming Maker Faire near you
  • Dream up something totally new!

Check out our online database of maker projects and opportunities, to find something that inspires you!

Quickstart: we have resources for Students, Parents, Teachers, and Guidance Counselors