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Tips on Finding Student Opportunities

There are a wide range of activities available to help encourage and prepare students in engineering, computing, and technology. Here are some things for students to consider when searching and applying for various engineering opportunities:

  • Engineering opportunities are available at different times of the year depending on the program. Summer recess is a popular time for such programs to be offered, as students tend to have greater availability. However, programs are also offered on weekends and during the school year.
  • Opportunities can range from a day program to a few weeks in duration to even years.
  • Some programs may only occur once, but many programs are offered every year, or even multiple times a year.
  • New programs are announced regularly.
  • Deadlines for opportunities can be as early as January, even for summer programs. Students should begin investigating opportunities at the beginning of the school year to provide sufficient time to apply.
  • Eligibility to participate in programs can include such factors such as grade level, academic performance, teacher recommendation, or location. Students should review the application criteria carefully to determine whether they are eligible to participate in a particular opportunity.
  • Programs may be open to local, national or expatriate/international students. Students may want to consider opportunities outside of their immediate geographic location.
  • Some programs include a fee for participation, while others are scholarship-based. Scholarship-based programs often have a limited number of seats, and acceptance can be quite competitive.
  • Some programs may cover students’ room and board during their participation.
  • Financial aid may be available for some programs.
  • A large number of programs focus on encouraging women and other underrepresented groups in engineering, technology, and computing.
  • When applying, students should make a check list to ensure that all required application materials (such as transcripts, forms, recommendation letters, or other forms) are submitted by posted deadlines.
  • If students are unable to identify the right opportunity for them in the Tryengineering.org Student Opportunity database, they should check with their local university, as many offer pre-university outreach programs.
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